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A Sustainable Autonomous Organisation(SAO)!

The Quantum Opportunity marred with Problems

Quantum computing is set to revolutionize industries from healthcare to finance, with the global market expected to reach $65 billion by 2030 however the industry is plagued with problems!

Skill Gap

The quantum technology industry is growing rapidly, but there's a significant talent gap that threatens to stall progress.

According to McKinsey, there is only one qualified quantum candidate available for every three quantum job openings. By 2025, less than 50% of quantum computing jobs will be filled unless significant interventions occur.

This presents a huge opportunity for QCI to provide training and education to fill this gap in innovative ways such as learning challenges, open projects, fellowships, workshops etc.


Lack of Standardisation

The lack of standardization in the quantum technologies industry is another barrier to growth. Without clear standards, it's difficult for organizations to know what skills they need and how to apply quantum technologies effectively.

QCI will play a crucial role in setting these standards and providing guidance for the industry. The OpenSkillSystem is a clear path forward set by QCI.

Centralized Quantum Progress

India, despite its vast pool of technical talent and robust academic institutions, currently lags behind in quantum research and innovation. source

To catch up with global leaders in quantum research and innovation, India needs to move fast.
However, the traditional centralized approach may not be the most effective. Instead, a decentralized approach, where quantum education and opportunities are democratized and made accessible to a broader range of individuals and institutions, could be more effective. This is where Quantum Computing India (QCI) comes in

About Quantum Computing India (QCI)

"Welcome to Quantum Computing India (QCI), the nation's leading quantum computing collective. We're a Sustainable Autonomous Organisation (SAO) on a mission to build an Equitable, Autnonoumous Quantum tech ecosystem. We're not just about qubits and quantum gates; we're about fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and setting industry standards

The ThreeSystems that make up a Sustainable Autonomous Organization (SAO)

We're creating a decentralized, collaborative, and innovative platform that operates on three key systems:

Skill Development System

Our OpenSkillSystem provides clear indication of skill levels, setting an industry benchmark and ensuring that every member can reach their quantum potential.

Operating System

Our governance system ensures that decision-making is as distributed as the particles in a quantum system.

Demand Generation System

We generate open projects, jobs, and service projects, creating a steady stream of opportunities for our members.

Open Skill System

Our OpenSkillSystem is a unique feature of QCI 3.0. It clearly indicates skill levels, sets an industry benchmark, and ensures that every member can reach their quantum potential. It's like a quantum state where every level is clearly defined and reachable with the right amount of effort.


The Time spent by the community member on learning something within QuantumComputingIndia


The Time spent by the community member on executing open projects or service projects within QuantumComputingIndia

Community Building

The Time spent by the community member on building the community, a.k.a. Proof OfWork validation, Running Learning circles, contributing to the Publication etc.

QuantumComputingIndia - OpenSkillSystem

Benefits of Joining

Join QCI and unlock a quantum of benefits!


Connect with India's brightest quantum minds.


Enhance your skills with our Open Skill System.


Contribute to high-impact quantum projects.


Shape the future of Quantum Computing in India.

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