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Volatility Modeling #UseCase1

Financial markets will be one of the areas most affected by Quantum Computing and we've been hard at work to model the volatility of the markets

Options Portfolio Optimisation #UseCase2

This is a usecase within Futures & Options domain where we predict the most optimal portfolio given a volatility and risk parameters.

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Analyst- Data Scientist at TheMathCompany | AI for Social Good | Quantum Machine Learning Enthusiast

Moses Sam Paul

Technology and Public Policy Professional with a keen interest in research and system dynamics | IIM_A's Bharat Inclusion 2020 - Research Fellow

Pavan Kulkarni

Algo Trader | Quant - Inventor | Problem Solver | Technocrat


Practicing Data Scientist with hands-on experience in Big Data, R, Python, Teradata, Cloud, SharePoint and Excel VBA.Aspiring Quantum Computing professional focusing Quantum Machine Learning.


Finance Transformation / Digital Transformation
Program Management / Project Management
MIS, KPI, Variance Analysis
Product profitability Analysis


5 years of experience in IT working. I am interested to drive meaning out of data , also have hands on experience working on Algorithms in Computer vision and Text Analytics.


Founder of, an algo trading platform to build, test and automate trading strategies without the need to code. Prior to founding Inuvest, he has worked with Big4's as a financial consultant for over 6 years. He is a Chartered Accountant, an MBA from IE Business School, Spain and a hobby trader.

Anandha Narayanan

Full-Stack developer who thinks caffeine is good for health cause I need coffee while coding. Tries to learn something new every day. Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Enthusiast. Now the theory of Quantum tricks me to learn more about it. A passionate programmer who never regrets coding and keeps on adding new lines of code every single day.


A Data Scientist with skills in machine learning, statistics, ML problem formulation and programming. Firmly believes in enhancing knowledge through sharing.


Baisoya is working currently as a Research Apprentice in Quantum Signal Processing Lab at Netaji Subhas University of Technology, Dwarka New Delhi under the guidance of Dr.Harish Parthasarathy an eminent researcher with over 100+ significant publications and books in the field of Quantum Technologies.


I am a fresh engineering graduate working at TCS Research and Innovation Labs as a Computer Vision researcher and am helping TCS get started with Quantum Computing.

Quantum Finance

At QCI's QFinance track, we are building a Portfolio Optimization algorithm using Volatility Expansion and Contraction strategy for the Indian Options market. Using Quantum computing we target to find the most optimum options portfolio across the Indian stock market instruments, an excercise improbable using classical computing techniques. In other words, we are finding portfolios that have never existed before


Functional Lead


Technical Lead


Technical Crew

Quantum Cryptography Team

We are working on a couple of research streams. 1. BreakRSA 2. Securing Communication between UAVs


Vaibhav Bajpai




Moses Sam Paul

Quantum Machine Learning Team

QCI QML Team members are working building libraries for bridging various Machine Learning models with available QML frameworks, Quantum NLP, Application QNLP for Machine Reading Comprehension, generalizing Feature Map problems, Quantum Circuits to increase the accuracy of classic Machine Learning models.






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