Take the Quantum Leap with the #Quantum30 Challenge - Cohor4

Embark on a 30-day journey, starting March-18-2024, into the quantum realm. Learn, share, compete, and win!

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Why 30 Days?

Well, they say it takes 21 days to form a habit, (BS tho) but we're giving you a few extra days just to be sure. And why an hour a day? It's the Goldilocks of time commitments - not too long, not too short, but just right!

#Quantum30 Oath

As a participant of the Quantum30 Challenge, I solemnly pledge to:

  • Commit to Consistency: I will dedicate at least one hour each day to learning about quantum computing, recognizing that consistency is key to mastery.

  • Embrace Curiosity: I will approach each topic with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge, ready to dive into the fascinating world of quantum technology.

  • Share My Journey: I will share my daily learnings with the community, understanding that teaching is a powerful form of learning.

  • Support My Peers: I will engage with my fellow learners, offering support, sharing insights, and fostering a collaborative learning environment.

  • Respect the Process: I will honor the process of learning, understanding that it's about progress, not perfection. I will celebrate my successes, learn from my mistakes, and always strive to do better.

  • Embrace Failure: I acknowledge that failure is a part of the learning process. If I stumble, I will quickly get back up, learn from the experience, and continue my journey with renewed determination.

  • Uphold Integrity: I will act with honesty and integrity throughout this challenge, submitting only my own work and giving credit where credit is due.

By taking this oath, I commit to making the most of the Quantum30 Challenge, to growing as a learner, and to contributing positively to our QuantumComputingIndia community.

You're in great company.

See what our Cohort 1 Participants say about #Quantum30

Srivatsan Sreedaran
5 / 5

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing is something which is partly taught in school . There were some questions which were not solved because of the shortage of time at school.On following the roadmap given by QCI I was able to channelise my preparation and could get my doubts cleared.

Srivatsan Sreedaran
Srupa thota
4.5 / 5

#quantum30 - A focused August learning marathon dedication to 2-hours of distraction free daily study in quantum cryptography for unforgettable conceptual mastery.

Srupa thota
Saiyam Sakhuja
5 / 5

This immersive journey into the realm of quantum computing has been nothing short of transformative. The dynamic and robust learning paths, with so much welcoming community adds the cherry to the top.

Saiyam Sakhuja
kushagra tripathi

"The #Quantum30 challenge offered specialized routes, and I chose Quantum Machine Learning (#QML). The self-paced setup suited me perfectly, and the added neuroscience guide boosted my learning. What stood out even more was the vibrant community – a hub of shared insights, questions, and discussions. It's more than just learning; it's a supportive network that enhances the entire experience. If you're eager to explore quantum computing, the #Quantum30 challenge is the way to go!"

Kushagra Tripathi
Gopi Ravi
Gopala Krishnan - What sets #Quantum30 apart is the seamless blend of theory and application. With supportive and an engaging community, the challenge has transformed complex topics into digestible insights, fostering a strong learning ecosystem. As I reflect on these initial days, I'm filled with excitement for the upcoming weeks. The journey has just begun, and I can't wait to see how quantum computing and cryptography will shape our technological landscape. To anyone with a passion for innovation and a thirst for knowledge, I wholeheartedly recommend joining #Quantum30. The adventure continues, and I'm thrilled to be part of it!

How it works

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Select Your Path

Choose a learning path provided by us or blaze your own trail with a book of your choice.

PS: Will be shared in the Private Whatsapp Group on Day 1.

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Commit to Daily Learning

Spend at least one hour each day diving into the quantum realm. Remember, consistency is the secret sauce!

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Build your Personal Brand

Post your daily insights as a blog post (medium / mirror/substack), LinkedIn post, or Twitter thread. Tag QCI and use the hashtag #Quantum30

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Participate in Weekly Catch-ups

Join weekly discussions with fellow quantum enthusiasts to share your learnings and clarify any doubts.

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Compete and be Consistent

Earn points for your daily submissions and the impressions on your posts.

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Climb the Leaderboard

Make your way up our leaderboard, open and visible to all. Weekly leaders and final leaders (top 3) will be announced and stand a chance to win exclusive gifts from us!

Benefits to you!

Enhance Your Understanding:

Get a grip on quantum computing, one of the most exciting fields of the 21st century.

Build Your Personal Brand:

Share your insights and become a recognized voice in the Quantum Tech community.

Cultivate Key Habits:

Develop the habits of consistency and perseverance, crucial for lifelong learning.

Win Exclusive Gifts:

Top the leaderboard and win exclusive gifts (NFTs) from us!

Ready to win the #Quantum30 Challenge?


When does this #Quantum30 challenge start?

Day1 of every month!

What is the #Quantum30 Challenge?

The #Quantum30 Challenge is a 30-day learning journey into the world of quantum computing organized by QuantumComputingIndia.

Participants commit to learning about quantum computing for at least one hour each day and share their learning journey on social media to build their personal brand.

Who can participate in the #Quantum30 Challenge?

Anyone with an interest in quantum computing can participate in the #Quantum30 Challenge. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this challenge is designed to enhance your understanding and spark your curiosity in quantum technology.

How do I participate in the #Quantum30 Challenge?

To participate, you need to follow a learning path provided by Quantum Computing India (QCI) or choose your own path/book related to quantum computing. You then share your learning journey daily as a blog post, LinkedIn post, or Twitter thread, tagging QCI and using the hashtag #Quantum30.

What if I miss a day?

The goal of the #Quantum30 Challenge is to promote consistency in learning. However, we understand that life can sometimes get in the way. If you miss a day, try to make it up when you can. Remember, the aim is to learn and grow!

How are points awarded in the #Quantum30 Challenge?

You earn 1 point for each day's submission. After one week, the impressions on your post will be measured and normalized to a scale of 5, giving you additional points.

What is the leaderboard in the #Quantum30 Challenge?

The leaderboard is a ranking of participants based on the points they've earned. It's open and visible to all. Weekly leaders and final leaders (top 3) will be announced and stand a chance to win exclusive gifts from QCI and TBA sponsors.

What are the weekly catch-ups in the #Quantum30 Challenge?

The weekly catch-ups are sessions where participants can discuss their learnings and clarify any doubts. It's a great way to learn from and interact with fellow quantum enthusiasts.

What are the benefits of participating in the #Quantum30 Challenge?

Participants can enhance their understanding of quantum computing, share and discuss their insights with a community of like-minded learners, build their personal brand in the Quantum Tech community, gain recognition and points for their learning efforts, and stand a chance to win exclusive gifts from QCI and TBA sponsors.

What if I don't have any prior knowledge of quantum computing?

That's perfectly fine! The #Quantum30 Challenge is designed to accommodate both beginners and those with some experience. The learning resources provided will help you understand the basics and gradually delve into more complex topics.

How can I maximize my learning during the #Quantum30 Challenge?

To maximize your learning, engage actively with the resources, participate in the weekly catch-ups, and don't hesitate to ask questions or seek clarification on your learnings. Remember, the goal is not just to earn points, but to truly understand and appreciate the fascinating world of quantum computing.

Why the point system?

Creating a competitive environment is a key step in learning ecosystems.

The impact of a competitive environment on learning in humans can vary depending on individual factors and the specific context of the learning experience. Some research suggests that competition can enhance learning and performance in certain situations, while in others, it may have a detrimental effect.

Competition can create a sense of motivation and engage individuals in the learning process. When people are competing against others, they may be more likely to exert effort, focus their attention, and apply themselves to tasks in order to outperform their peers 1. Competition can also provide a performance goal, which can increase motivation and drive individuals to learn and improve their skills

Furthermore, competition can stimulate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with motivation and reward. Dopamine can enhance attention, memory, and cognitive processing, potentially leading to improved learning outcomes

However, it is important to note that the effect of competition on learning is not universally positive. Excessive competition or a highly stressful competitive environment can have negative consequences for learning. Excessive pressure and stress can lead to cognitive overload, anxiety, and decreased cognitive performance. In such cases, the focus may shift from learning and understanding to simply trying to win or outperform others.

How can I accelerate Learning / Hack Learning Process?

You're in great company.

See what our Cohort 1 Participants say about #Quantum30

Shoaib Attar
5 / 5

"I was always fascinated with Machine learning but when I started #quantum30 challenge on learning paths of QML as per recommended I truly understood the potential of quantum technology. now i will always keep exploring and learning it....THANK YOU Quantum computing India"

Shoaib Attar
Sadia Rafi
4.9 / 5

Participating in the 30-day Quantum Computing Challenge has been an eye-opening journey. The daily bite-sized lessons, complemented by exercises, made the learning process engaging and effective. What truly stood out was the emphasis on consistent daily commitment, which not only helped me absorb complex ideas but also instilled a sense of accomplishment as I saw my understanding grow each day. Whether you're a beginner or someone looking to deepen their knowledge, this challenge is an absolute must-try."

Sadia Rafi
Jayesh Hire
5 / 5

"The #Quantum30 Challenge has been an enlightening journey, delving into the fascinating world where quantum magic and cryptography intertwine. Exploring secure communication like a digital wizard, I now wield encryption's power with confidence. Solving enigmas felt like unlocking cosmic puzzles, empowering my quest for a secure digital sanctuary. The vibrant community and brilliance of quantum cryptography continue to inspire. This transformative quest holds great anticipation for what lies ahead!"

Jayesh Hire
Ajeet Kumar

The challenge posed by Quantum Computing India pushed me to expand my horizons and delve deep into the world of quantum cryptography. Exploring complex concepts and translating them into understandable insights has been a rewarding experience. The challenge has not only enhanced my understanding of quantum computing but also allowed me to share my passion with a wider audience. I am grateful for the platform provided by Quantum Computing India and the Quantum30 Challenge, as it has allowed me to connect with fellow enthusiasts and experts in the field.

Ajeet Kumar

Answers to Questions in the Application Form of Cohort 1

Will any certification will be there and how will you guys track 30 days

Every day, you will fill up a Google form with your published blog/video/thread link. Form link will be shared in the Whatsapp group. So we can check and look for the impression count after 7 days.

Yes, certification for all 30 day finishers !

I would like to know what will be taught in those 30 days?

Nothing will be taught. QCI learning path for beginners will be shared with all you can choose to do that or choose a text book (will be shared before the Day 1 of the challenge!)

Are there any live/recorded training sessions or any other kind of help involved in this challenge conducted by QuantumComputingIndia?
Why is it better for me to take this challenge than just doing things on my own?
How is my progress going to be assessed?

  1. This is NOT a learning/training session. It's a personal learning challenge.
  2. Community's main WhatsApp group and wiki to help you get your doubts cleared + Group accountability to ensure you learn consistently.
  3. Answer in the previous qns.

Is there a way this community communicate, so that the challenges encountered in between can be discussed easily?

Yes, QCI's community whatsapp group is helpful in this regard + We will be launching a wiki before the challenge starts.

What topics will be covered?

Read the previous answers here

Any course or learning path that focus on quantum hardware design using qiskit metal

Yes, we are planning on one.

Why not Linkedin?

Yes, you can choose LinkedIn as well.

Will I learn about creating circuits in Qiskit

This is NOT a handholding lecture or training session. We will be suggesting few books and videos for the hardware stream + You can ask questions in the community whatsapp / wiki.

Is there technical support?

Please read the above FAQs

Why is there no option for LinkedIn?
How introductory will the course be?
Is the content original material of QCI or is it open source?
Impressions would imply the impact on that particular platform, but what if that platform isn't mentioned in the form, like LinkedIn? Where some have max reach, than other platforms?

  1. Yes, you can choose linkedin
  2. Videos & ChatGPT prompts (It's not a course it's learning guide)
  3. NO. Curated Open Source Material
  4. You can choose Linkedin (Added this to the form now)

Kindly tell me how a learner can improve himself by learning Quantum computing and what is the career path for Quantum Computing Engineers?

You will learn as the quantum30 progresses.

Ready to win the #Quantum30 Challenge?