Identity | Logo Evolution

A logo is arguably the single most important piece of identity for any brand and here's that journey of ours!

The story of our logo

Logo v1

It was our first logo! If you feel like you've seen it elsewhere, you're probably right. It is a logo template in Canva, and we didn't have a designer within the community, so we went ahead with this. The rationale was that the concentric circles kinda merge, which gives the viewer a sense of the probability of existence like our Qubits.

Santa in Instagram DM

On October 2, we got a surprise DM from an admirer of our community suggesting a Logo change. We ran a small poll to find out if the community members like the new logo and the answer was definite "YES" so we changed!


Art, Science & Technology coming together to make Quantum Tech accessible to every Indian is our vision and this captures it perfectly.