Our Journey so far & Destination

Our vision is to become the Incubation Center of Quantum Startups by offering Quantum Knowledge in Native Indian Languages and supporting structures for the same


In Nov 2019, Shadab started a meetup group by the same name and I (Moses Sam Paul) reached out to him to understand his vision and we met a couple of times at DYU art cafe in Koramangala and we had our first offline meetup and people with similar interest came together to keep the community going.


From Jan - March 2020 we had conducted a few podcasts and offline meets with IISc professors and Qiskit advocates


Since the pandemic, we've been conducting multiple experiments
1)Theme-based months eg: Cryptography August
2)Apprenticeships - we selected 20 out of 100 applicants. The seed for learning circles was sown here.
3)Hiring focussed Hackathons in collaboration with BosonQPsi - QuantumWinter
4) Fellowships - Free of cost for the November batch


Dec 2020 - Jan 2021 we've consolidated all our learnings, set processes, and in a unique position to grow this community into India's largest Quantum Startup churning incubation center.


Starting Feb 2021, we will be opening up the community for

*Learning Circles
*Community Huddles
*Quantum Courses in Indian Native Languages
*Startup Incubation

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Break due to Internal Issues and Restructuring | most Communities Fail in their second year of existence.

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"Why do we fall, Master Wayne"

You can follow the launch of our QCI3point0 over here:



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