World's first Knowledge Series & Hackathon on Multiphysics Simulations using Quantum Computing

5 LearningSessions. 1 Hackathon. INR 25,000 worth Prizes and Cash. Job offers & Internships

November | Learning Sessions

Introduction to BosonQ Psi & Exploration of the relevant pure science themes around Multiphysics Simulations

November 7 2020

Introduction to BosonQ Psi & Computational Fluid Dynamics

November 15 2020

Computational Heat Transfer

November 21 2020

Computational Solid/Structural Dynamics

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November 28 2020

Computational Electromagnetics

December 5 2020

  • Methods to solve Partial Differential Equations

December | Hackathon

Time to put the learnings of November and Quantum Computing into Practice


December 5 2020

  • Problem Statement + Team Formation (2/3) + General Mentors ( 4/5 )

  • Process (Roam Page + recorded video of Roam usage)

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December 17 2020

Demo, Winner Selection, Internships, & Job offers

World's first Knowledge Series & Hackathon on Multiphysics Simulations using Quantum Computing

Meet the BosonQ Psi Team

BosonQ Psi Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic and state-of-the-art venture that will lead the paradigm shift in the marriage of quantum computing and multiphysics simulations ​

Abhishek Chopra

Co-Founder & CEO

He is currently a Ph.D. student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) pursuing Aerospace Engineering and his research specializes in developing high-fidelity and parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics code for rotorcraft applications. He finished his Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from Rutgers University in 2019. He is passionate about Computational Fluid Dynamics in particular and Multiphysics Simulations in general. At BQP he focuses on holistic growth of each aspect of the startup from business, marketing, to technical side. He loves traveling, cricket, soccer, and reading technical papers as well as enjoys gaming.

Rut Lineswala

Co-Founder and CTO

He's currently getting his PhD in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics of hypersonic applications at the University of Minnesota. He graduated from Rutgers University in 2019 with a major in aerospace engineering and a minor in mathematics. At BQP, he looks at the emerging technologies and different areas to expand into. He is also actively looking at different kinds of simulations that can be integrated into BQP, along with advancements made in quantum computing. He's hobbies are listening to music, watching motorsports, and interesting science videos.

Jash Minocha

Co-Founder and CFO

He is a finance professional who just graduated from Christ University, Bangalore. He is currently pursuing Association of Chartered Certified Accountant, UK (Fin. Mod) and he is also pursuing CPA, USA (AICPA- Aud, Bec). At BQP he manages the finance and accounting part of the equation and also assists in compliance and other regulatory aspects of the business.

Hassan Azmat

Co-Founder and COO

He is currently an Associate Software Engineer at Scorpion Therapeutics, a biopharma startup based in Boston, Massachusetts. He finished his bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from Rutgers University in 2019. He's very passionate about alternative fuels and their development in the transportation industry as well as the progression of aircraft development which is where simulations play a major role. At BQP he leads the operations and business development side of the company. His role helps in the growth of the company and envisioning what the next steps should be. Some of his hobbies include playing the guitar, travelling, and watching cricket & basketball games.

Rajat Issar

Chief Marketing Officer

He is an experienced engineer with fluent communication skills who loves experimenting and applying technology in marketing communications and branding.

Shreya Jaiswal

Head of Marketing

She is an architecture student and motivated to employ new marketing techniques to give BQP the outreach it deserves. She has an amiable nature, loves to talk and brainstorm about innovative solutions, and a photographer by passion.

World's first Knowledge Series & Hackathon on Multiphysics Simulations using Quantum Computing