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Heutagogy (Learning Circles)

Heutagogy (pronounced hyoo-tuh-goh-jee) is a term derived from the Greek word Heuriskein. According to Graham R. Parslow, "Heuriskein is the Greek verb to discover and underlies the etymology of the word heuristic that is defined as a method of teaching by allowing students to discover for themselves. Deriving from the same Greek root, the term heutagogy was coined in 2000 by Hase and Kenyon to describe self-learning independent of formal teaching.

Quantum Finance

At QCI's QFinance track, we are building a Portfolio Optimization algorithm using Volatility Expansion and Contraction strategy for the Indian Options market. Using Quantum computing we target to find the most optimum options portfolio across the Indian stock market instruments, and exercise improbable using classical computing techniques. In other words, we are finding portfolios that have never existed before


Functional Lead


Technical Lead


Technical Crew

Quantum Machine Learning Team

QCI's QML Team members are building libraries for bridging various Machine Learning models with available QML frameworks, Quantum NLP, Application QNLP for Machine Reading Comprehension, generalizing Feature Map problems, and Quantum Circuits to increase the accuracy of classic Machine Learning models.






Quantum Cryptography Team

We are working on a couple of research streams. 1. BreakRSA 2. Securing Communication between UAVs


Vaibhav Bajpai




Moses Sam Paul

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Meet, Learn and Build with fellow Quantum Enthusiasts over 6 Weeks! 2-hours live zoom sessions on Sundays and Daily Standup and Open office hours with Facilitators

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