Volatility Modeling
Generative A.I. (GANs)
Quantum Portfolio Optimization
Sovereign Wealth Funds


UseCase Articulation

One application that has seen recent experimental success is Quantum Portfolio Optimization (QPO), where researchers have successfully mapped the optimization task onto existing quantum hardware. As classical Portfolio Optimization (PO) algorithms often have high computational costs, so achieving a quantum speedup could benefit various stakeholders. One industry that makes use of PO is sovereign wealth fund management due to its large data sets and constraints set by the "state" which makes volatility modeling computational. On the classical side, the "Deep Hedging: Learning to Simulate Equity Option Markets" paper by JP Morgan suggests creating a Digital twin using GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) / Generative A.I.sBring these two together and we have a unique opportunity to shake the Finance industry.

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QPO for SWFs

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Application Process: 1) Solve the QCI quest 2) Read the Papers below and schedule an interview

Work with Top Quality Researchers

One of the main benefits of participating in QCI's OpenProject is the opportunity to collaborate with high-quality talent, both technical and non-technical.

To ensure the highest caliber of participants, entry into the OpenProject requires the completion of the QCI quest and an interview with our core team.

Additionally, the QCI core team has established the SkillSystem, which accurately assesses each team member's proficiency in quantum machine learning and quantum cryptography. This allows for transparency and visibility into the skill levels of each team member, enabling optimal collaboration and project outcomes.

Build your Personal Brand

At QCI, we recognize that not everyone has the same level of comfort or expertise when it comes to creating content such as videos or blog posts.

As a community, we aim to support each other in documenting the progress of our research and development projects, while also helping to build individual personal brands. Our goal is to facilitate growth and development for all members, regardless of their specific skill sets.

Equitable Ownership of the Output

Transparency and equitable ownership are the key principles of QCI's OpenProjects. With diligent time logging and skill assessment prior to project initiation, we arrive at a fair base price for the output, be it a demo or whitepaper. By leveraging web3, we publish the output as an NFT, which ensures its value appreciation over time.

This feature also makes it possible for everyone involved in the project, including project investors, to have a stake in the output and the risk taken by investors.

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Shadab Hussain

Quantum Machine Learning Mentor

  • Co-Founder - QuantumComputingIndia.
  • Data Science - TheMath Company.
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Karthi Ganesh

Quantum Solution Architect & ProjectManager

  • Co-Founder - QuantumComputingIndia.
  • ChiefQuantumArchitect - BosonQsi.

Pavan Kulkarni

Advisor | QuantTrader | HedgeFund Owner


Vagaram Chowdhary

Mentor | CEO Inuvest.Tech

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Mentor - Quantum Machine Learning


Quantum Machine Learning Developer 1


Quantum Machine Learning Developer 2


Quantum Machine Learning Researcher

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Transparent Project Tracking

Using the ValueCapture Protocol we log everyone's work and the dashboard is visible to you in real time so you can keep a tab on the progress.

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Since we vet every community member through a quest and interview you can be assured that the best talent in the industry will be working on this high-impact problem statement.

Accelerated Onboarding

Opportunity to onboard a team into your organization without friction if the POC succeeds. This reduces your hiring and onboarding time by >90%.

Expected Outcome

A demo of the Hybrid Computational Algorithm & / Systems Model capturing Volatility &/ A Research Paper

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Project Roadmap


Team Formation & Fund Infusion

Month 1 | Team Interviews (Technical & Non-Technical) + Fund Infusion


Team Storming & Norming

Months 2 - 4. Research Question Formulation & Research & Development Environment Setup


Team Performing

Months 5 - 9 | Daily Logs + Weekly Team Meets + Progress Tracking


Paper / Demo Presentation

QCI - International Conference - Month 12

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