QCI Fellowship
(For Beginners)

Meet, Learn and Build with fellow Quantum Enthusiasts over 6 Weeks! 4-hour live zoom sessions on weekends and Daily Standup and Open office hours with Facilitators

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QCI Fellowship

Imagine yourself immersed in a 6-week virtual program designed to bring you up to speed on Quantum Computing, a practical program resulting in a Certificate of Completion, an item assured to smooth your entry into this game-changing technology now emerging from the lab and steadily marching toward Main Street.6 weeks. 20 Learners. Meet, Learn and Build Together.


Learning is life long and wide & it's more fun with the right people!

  • A SafeEnough Space to learn and fail bravely
  • Facilitators to pick us up
  • The smartest folks you can find in this domain
  • Join a community of 500+ Quantum Enthusiasts from India


Learning can be fun when you learn from researchers / scientists and practitioners in a community environment!

  • Learn from the basics (Quantum Physics, Linear Algebra & Qiskit)
  • Online Zoom Sessions
  • Hands on Tutorials
  • Daily Stand ups to measure progress


What's the point of learning if you ain't getting your hands dirty with real world use cases, together right ?

  • Quantum Finance
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Quantum Machine Learning

Foundations (3 Weeks)

Week 1

Introduction to Quantum Computers (Current Trends)

Quantum Computing platforms

Week 1 - Part 2

Working principles of Quantum Computers

Mathematics for Quantum Computer

Week 2

QISKit Primer

Architecture of Quantum Computers

Week 2 - Part 2

Quantum Computing Algorithms
- Shor
- Grover
- Deutsch–Jozsa

Week 3

Physics for Quantum Computing

Applications of Quantum Computing

Week 3 - Part 2

QCI Quantum Computing Verticals
- QCryptography
- QFinance
- TA

Specialisation (3 weeks)

Once the first 3 weeks of foundations are over, you can choose a path/specialisation and you get to work on the live projects!

Quantum Finance

Pavan, Samruddha, Rolf & Anand

Quantum Cryptography

Mahima, Nilay, Kedhar, Archit & Vaibhav

Quantum MachineLearning

Raj, Shubham, Nishmitha, Pinaki & Aniruddha

Meet the Team

Quantum Finance

At QCI's QFinance track, we are building a Portfolio Optimization algorithm using Volatility Expansion and Contraction strategy for the Indian Options market. Using Quantum computing we target to find the most optimum options portfolio across the Indian stock market instruments, an excercise improbable using classical computing techniques. In other words, we are finding portfolios that have never existed before


Functional Lead


Technical Lead


Technical Crew

Quantum Cryptography Team

We are working on a couple of research streams. 1. BreakRSA 2. Securing Communication between UAVs


Vaibhav Bajpai




Moses Sam Paul

Quantum Machine Learning Team

QCI QML Team members are working building libraries for bridging various Machine Learning models with available QML frameworks, Quantum NLP, Application QNLP for Machine Reading Comprehension, generalizing Feature Map problems, Quantum Circuits to increase the accuracy of classic Machine Learning models.






QCI Fellowship - Cost

The proceeds go proportionately to everyone involved in curating and making this fellowship possible. This is our first step in making sure the community becomes self-sustainable in the long run.

QCI Fellowship for Beginners

6 Weeks. 3 Weeks of Quantum Foundations & 3 weeks of a Specialisation

15,000 INR
  • 2-hour live sessions on Zoom - every Sunday
  • Daily Standup to keep your learning progress in check
  • Hands-on Qiskit tutorials and exercises
  • Join one of QCI's groups post the fellowship and continue your learning journey
  • Roam Research to log your learning journey
  • 20% Full Scholarships

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